TEMPRANO CAPITAL S.L. and the other companies in its Group (“TEMPRANO”) are committed to providing their employees with the necessary mechanisms to allow them to report any behaviour that is improper or liable to harm the company’s image. TEMPRANO offers this Whistleblower Channel, which may be used confidentially by the company’s employees and related third parties to report behaviour suspected of being illegal or acts that violate the Code of Ethics, the company’s General Compliance Policy or any other document included in the Organisation’s Compliance Model Management System.

This Whistleblower Channel is subject to the terms set out in the Whistleblower Channel and Complaint Management Regulations and the Privacy Policy.

TEMPRANO undertakes to maintain the anonymity of the complainant and not to take reprisals against any person who may use the Channel, and it is grateful to those who use the Channel to the benefit of the ethical culture that the company wishes to encourage.
It should also be noted that TEMPRANO has a policy of zero tolerance towards any malicious action or act of revenge that may be taken against employees who report such behaviour.
This Whistleblower Channel complies with the legislation governing the protection of personal data.

Any information received via this Whistleblower Channel is strictly confidential and managed by CANALDENUNCIAS, SL, in its capacity as an independent third party that has been engaged by TEMPRANO for the purposes of reporting any potentially irregular behaviour. If you have any questions regarding the way in which the Channel works, you may contact the company responsible for processing data in the following way:

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Press here if you have not received the email validating your complaint.